О компании
Диабет. препараты

Activities of the company

  • Working with production of Novo Nordisk company

  • Ensuring the needs of the Moscow Region and Leningrad Region as part of the program for drugs being sold at preferential recipes

  • Participation in regional auctions

  • The needs of medical institutions and retailers.

    Currently are being developed directions:
  • of developing our own retail network

  • of providing of medical institutions.

"Trading House "HEALTH OF THE NATION" LLC was established in 2008. It has a license for wholesale medicines in the Russian Federation, retail activities and medical services. Its material and technical base and human capacities allow carry out these activities in compliance with all specific requirements for dissemination of vital medications.


The core values of our company


  • Client orientation: we do not exist without our clients, and we must always remember this. Every day we use our knowledge, time and experience to help our clients.

  • The quest for quality: we aim to improve the quality of service every day in everything, we continuously learn and apply new knowledge to improve the quality and speed of service to our customers.

  • Result orientation: we are focused on the overall performance of the company, whitch is necessary to be reached with minimum of time and resources.

  • Reliability and honesty: our word is our warranty, we employ only people who always keep their promises on which you can rely on in difficult moments.

  • Trust and respect: we aim to create a culture based on trust and mutual respect to each other and to clients.

  • Teamwork: we achieve the total success only because of the teamwork, mutual support, shared search for problem solutions.
  • Our operational advantages


    In strategy of management company executives use smoothly running control mechanism, based on the balanced scorecard (BSC), supported by the mobility and flexibility.

    "Trading House "HEALTH OF THE NATION" LLC has social responsibility towards staff members and society as a whole.

    Company has extensive experience in storing and distribution of insulin and glucose-lowering drugs, as well as other drugs. During the activity "Trading House "HEALTH OF THE NATION" LLC established pattern of delivering the goods from the manufacturer, storing and delivery of goods to the final consumer, while keeping all necessary conditions of storing and transportation (License of the Federal Service for Supervision of Health and Social Development to carry out pharmaceutical activities, wholesale trade, retail organizations, the license for medical activities).

    In our work we rely on the close and open relationship with the the manufacturer of drugs, guided by the principles of ethics that provide business stability, and are a priority value for our company.

    All employees have higher medical, pharmaceutical or economic education, as well as professionally trained in working with various drugs.


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